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Art consulting on attribution and value of a painting

How do I find who the artist of a painting is? How much is my old painting worth? How do I tell if the artwork is valuable and if it needs to be restored?

If you struggle with your research, I am glad to help you identify the painting and, whenever possible, advise on its potential value online [feel free to consult my Art Collecting Guide].

Please, submit your enquiry via Contact page

I do not charge for the preliminary review if I see right away that the work is a decoration piece. In other cases, I propose a fee range going forward.


“Wow, what a wonderful response! 

Thank you so much for your honesty, and all the extra information. I had a hunch that the art restorer I saw was a bit of a rip-off, and now it looks like he is a huge rip-off! I am kinda relieved that the painting probably isn’t a precious old master, and that getting it cleaned shouldn’t cost me my soul. 

You clearly know your art and I am so grateful for your blog and this really thoughtful response. Not all blogs are created equal, and yours is beautifully written, with gorgeous pictures, and truly helpful. But what I like most about your blog is that your voice is really friendly and approachable.”


“Thank you very much for your apraisal. Even a little, it's more than enough for me. I did need a second opinion from my earlier researches and your analysis reinforce this as well.”


“Wow, thanks for the insight! I've seen a few pieces that had modern re-lining, but wasn't sure what to look for beyond that.”


“I really appreciate this! You are quite good at what you do! I can’t say that I have found a source more detailed and useful than some of your articles!”


“Thank you for looking at it. My friend who purchased it paid around XXX USD because they thought it was a famous artist and worth a lot more. We were hoping that it was a rare find of a known artist. :)  Now I don't think they will put more money into cleaning it. Thanks again.”

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