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Tips and advice for starting your own
art collection

​What should I look for when collecting art? Is collecting a good investment? How do I start an art collection and what makes a good collector? 

It may look overwhelming at the beginning, yet, let me reassure you, asking the right questions already puts you halfway to success. The rest (and definitely not the least) is your passion for art and some knowledge of how the art market works, both online and offline.

This is the list of my articles and tips for emerging art collectors that address the common challenges and pitfalls beginner art collector might face along this captivating and rewarding journey of art discovery. 

Please, feel free to reach out to me personally whenever you have any questions and would like me to help you with a second opinion on the piece, research and other advice on the artwork you are interested in. 

To begin with. 
Essential Guide to Art Collecting

Learn by example. 
Sharing my hands-on collecting and provenance research experience

Look around. 
Trends and events of the art market

Useful resources

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