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Marina Viatkina


I am an art history writer and collecting advisor, co-founder and chief editor of the Smart Art - Art History Escape app, and artist.

Art History Writer


Every day I write curious short stories on the brilliant paintings of the past and the outstanding artists behind them.

The full collection of almost a thousand stories and over 80,000 carefully categorized artworks, Medieval to Modern, is amassed under my Smart Art - Art History Escape app [free to download on any iOS device].

I expand on art history curiosities and share my hands-on art market experience in my blog and videos. Welcome to subscribe to my newsletter to receive the latest art digest straight into your inbox.

Art Collecting Advisor


An Old Master evangelist myself, I have published a guide for emerging collectors and art enthusiasts.

For recent years, I've been giving numerous consultations on various art pieces that puzzled my readers. Learn more about my practice and feel free to reach for advice on the artwork you own, would like to buy, sell, or restore, or any other matters related to the art market and art in general.

Other art projects

I am also an artist, designer of The Great Collector boardgame, and cofounder of the Connoisseur startup that focused on research and development of machine learning and computer vision technologies for the art market.

I'm open to private art consultations and public speaking engagements. You can send me an email and follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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